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The evolution of medical scrubs from practicality to fashion

by Syed Adeel 15 May 2023

Imagine walking into a clinic and seeing staff and doctors in ordinary clothes without a lab coat or scrub. Wouldn't the sight leave you feeling awkward? Well, things were exactly like this before the 1900s. In the early days, healthcare workers typically wore a formal white dress as medical uniforms. These were hard to keep clean and shining like new because of spills and everyday washing. Because of this, cotton scrubs were originally introduced as an operation theatre dress to reduce the risk of catching infections and to look presentable. 

Now, you won't see any healthcare provider carrying out regular activities without a proper scrub on. With advancements, changes and a few tweaks, scrubs have finally gained immense importance and are now used all over the globe. But, how did the journey start and where are we standing now? Let's discuss it all! 

Scrubs for all the Healthcare Providers

Scrubs - also known as sanitary clothes, were at first worn by nurses and healthcare facilitators. Originally, these were short-sleeved shirts with long pants in white colour. In today’s world, you’ll hardly see any nurse or staff without a proper medical uniform. But, after a while, even doctors - especially surgeons also started wearing scrubs to carry out their activities. One of the most prominent reasons for introducing hospital uniforms was that everyone started seeing the importance of a clean environment and look overall. During the flu pandemic of 1918, doctors began to wear masks while in the 1940s, the need to have a separate sanitary room for operation arose which led to the use of scrubs.

The First Scrub - Functionality 

At first, the uniforms consisted of aprons, nursing caps and a proper dress. Each hospital may change the style of apron or cap but the basics remain the same all over. This style was opted for with functionality and a proper dress code in mind. Each dress would have pockets to carry accessories easily. To this day, these scrubs are used in a lot of countries. But, medical scrubs in Pakistan are now evolving a lot. These are now drawn towards fashion and comfort more than functionality.

The Evolution of Scrubs

As time passed, medical scrubs became more popular because of their remarkable use. And because of this new designs, styles and varieties conquered the whole market as well. The styles range from classic to slim fit and from v-neck to scoop neck tops. These were also paired with different pants at different times. Even the scrubs for doctors in Pakistan evolved a lot in recent times. You can go through a variety of options on our e-store to know how remarkable these scrubs have become now. They are more durable, flexible and even more comfortable than before. 

Scrubs as a Fashion Statement 

In recent years, there has been a growing trend of medical scrubs being used as a fashion statement. Many healthcare workers now choose to wear scrubs with bright colours, bold patterns, and stylish designs, rather than the traditional plain and simple uniforms. Some companies have even started offering designer scrubs, with premium fabrics and tailored fits, to meet the demand for more fashionable workwear.

While the evolution of medical scrubs has led to a greater variety of options for healthcare professionals, it is important to remember that the primary purpose of scrubs is to provide a functional and hygienic uniform for those working in the medical field. Whether plain or fashionable, scrubs should always meet the necessary safety and hygiene standards for use in healthcare settings.

Can you get Functionality & Fashion together?

If you are looking for the best medical scrubs in Pakistan that can offer both - functionality and fashion, we have a few remarkable options for you. The doctor scrub suits jotted down here are loved all over the country by renowned doctors because of their premium quality, excellent finish and durability. Let’s check out some of the many options available at Frontline Uniforms by Sapphire

1- Rene Men's Scrub Set - Leatherback Grey


medical uniforms


This stylish scrub for doctors in Pakistan is made up of PrecisionWeave fabric which is a premium blend of 50% lightweight cotton. The fabric’s peached finish and functional design make this the softest and most remarkable option. Featuring a relaxed fit fitting, these scrubs for medical students and doctors have 2 functional hidden pockets apart from the obvious pockets. This makes it more functional than any other scrub. But, this is not the only quality. It is also breathable, comfortable and stylish.

2- Ascend Unisex Scrub Set

The next one that combines functionality and fashion so well is from our 4-way 4-ward range. This is extremely soft to the touch and features a four-way stretch ensuring maximum flexibility and mobility. Moreover, the fabric is wrinkle-free, which makes hectic shifts a little less troublesome. Enjoy the feel of a premium quality fabric as our innovative and super stretchy scrub moves with you. The four-way stretch technology when combined with premium quality fabric, makes this unisex scrub the most durable, breathable, flexible and functional.

3- Novello Women's Scrub Set 

This scrub offers a perfect combination of comfort, durability and functionality. Its relaxed fit ensures comfort while the functional pockets and lightweight design make it your first choice to wear every day. But this is not it, the PrecisionWeave fabric also makes it look stylish and breathable. The v-neck top and elasticated waistband bottom with an adjustable drawstring make it even more convenient to wear. In addition, this scrub includes thigh pockets, mobile pockets, and side pockets for maximum functionality.

Now you know why scrubs or Doctor’s gowns came into existence and how they evolved from simplicity to fashion statement. But, in every stage, the functionality is only enhanced because they are used to keep our heroes comfortable and easygoing. That is why Frontline Uniforms by Sapphire makes sure each article that we have is perfect and according to the high standards of our heroes without capes.  

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