Pocket Power: The Essential Guide to Scrub with Pockets

abdullah Farooq 0 Comments

Hello Doctors and Healthcare Professionals!  We all know that all superheroes like you hold a capes, but capes are overrated! You might have heard, ‘Not all heroes wear capes, some wear scrubs!’  Ask any healthcare professional, and they’ll tell you that their real superpower lies in pockets. Yes, pockets! Those humble fabric compartments are...
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How to Dress for Success in the Healthcare Industry

Syed Adeel 0 Comments

In every field, professional attire makes or breaks the whole impression. But, in the healthcare industry, choosing proper uniforms and carrying them professionally is very important. The doctor's gown or medical scrubs, for example, can protect healthcare providers from spills and contaminants. Its role however does not end here. These specially designed professional uniforms...
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