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Reasons why you need FRUBS

by abdullah Farooq 25 Jun 2024

Scrubs may seem like a just a doctor’s uniform, but they are so much more than that. They're a badge of honor, a symbol of dedication, and your ultimate weapon against germs, spills, and the occasional rogue coffee stain.

Medical scrubs are important for many reasons. They act as a barrier, shielding your skin from potential contamination.  This is especially important in high-risk areas like operating rooms and emergency departments, where exposure to bodily fluids is more likely.  High-quality scrubs are made from thick, durable fabrics that help prevent these fluids from reaching your skin, minimizing the risk of infection and illness for both you and your patients.

FRUBS not Scrubs!

At FRUBS, we are here to revolutionize the world of boring blue scrub suits and transform your workwear into a fun and exciting fashion statement. We're redefining what it means to dress for the job by injecting personality and flair into every piece of attire. As a proud partner of Sapphire Mills, FRUBS offers the ultimate blend of superior craftsmanship and playful design. Each FRUBS garment is meticulously crafted with the finest materials and innovative techniques, ensuring that you not only look amazing but feel incredible while on the job. This ensures you not only look amazing but feel incredible throughout your entire shift.  So, scrub up and step out in style with FRUBS – because feeling good on the job shouldn't be a medical mystery! Say goodbye to dull uniforms and hello to a vibrant work wardrobe with FRUBS’ collection of lab coats, surgeon caps, scrubs and more.

Here are 7 reasons how you might just have found the best scrubs in Pakistan:

Protection Against Contaminants and Bodily Fluids

At FRUBS, we understand the importance of safety and protection in a healthcare setting. Our medical scrubs are specifically designed to shield healthcare workers from contaminants and bodily fluids, which are prevalent in their daily work environment. Crafted from high-quality materials, FRUBS scrub clothing provide a reliable barrier that prevents patients' bodily fluids from coming into direct contact with the wearer's skin, thereby reducing the risk of infection and illness.

Pro Tip:

Just like how you wouldn't hit the beach without sunscreen and a cool pair of shades, our scrubs are best teamed up with other essential PPE like gloves, goggles, surgical caps, and gowns. Here at FRUBS, we're all about blending safety seamlessly with style. Our goal? To make sure healthcare heroes tackle their day with confidence and comfort, all while looking as sharp as can be. 

FRUBS: Built to Last, Kind to Your Wallet

Our doctor’s scrubs are designed for both cost-efficiency and durability. Made from a blend of tough-yet-affordable fabrics, they can withstand frequent washes and maintain their shape. Reinforced areas at high-wear points like knees and elbows further extend their lifespan. Plus, scrubs are easy to replace, making it cost-effective to maintain a fresh, functional wardrobe.  This combination of durability and affordability makes scrubs a smart choice for the budget-conscious healthcare field.

We keep you in Mind

Our scrubs are tailored to meet the demanding needs of healthcare professionals, offering comfort and freedom of movement essential for A-one performance. Contributing to their comfort and range of motion include:

  1. Breathable Fabric: Designed from breathable materials, our medical scrubs allow for air circulation, keeping wearers cool and comfortable throughout their shifts.
  2. Loose-Fitting Design: Typically loose-fitting, scrubs provide unrestricted movement, minimizing constraints during tasks.
  3. Stretch Fabrics: Some scrubs utilize stretch fabrics, enhancing comfort and facilitating ease of movement during physical activities.

Scrubs that Make you Move

Our scrub suits for doctors are practical, but don't underestimate their superpower – making your life easier!  Imagine forgetting your pen during rounds – no sweat!  FRUBS come with pockets that can hold everything from stethoscopes to your lucky stress ball because of course, being a doctor can be intense. They're also designed for ultimate mobility, so whether you're rushing to an emergency or chasing down a runaway toddler, you can move with ease.  Basically, scrubs are your work BFFs: functional, flexible, and always ready for action!

FRUBS say: You are a Doctor!

Wearing scrubs in Pakistan is a billboard that says: I am a doctor! Scrubs are like giant name tags, making it clear who's who in the medical world.  Custom colors help distinguish doctors from nurses, and some clinics even sport their logos like a fashion statement (we have a selection of colors in our shop, by the way!).  Plus, name tags especially lab coats with names add the finishing touch, ensuring there's no mistaking you. This clear identification helps patients feel confident they're getting care from the right professional, and let's be honest, it saves everyone a whole lot of Are you the doctor ? confusion.

So, head over to our collection of scrub clothing and I hope you find the perfect scrub suit for live saving!

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