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Importance of functionality in healthcare uniforms.

by admin 03 May 2023

Working for others is an immensely satisfying and rewarding opportunity for those who want to help people. In the same way, working in a hospital and providing medical service is not just the result of the efforts of a single person, it is about the whole staff who work together day and night as a team and give people a new life.

At Sapphire, we understand this and wish to serve those who serve others, by providing them with the best quality and luxuriously designed healthcare uniforms under the name of Frontline which means “those who are at the most important and influential position in a movement” and who else could be more important than those who save lives.

In the healthcare industry, it is very important to keep in mind all the necessary details that are essential to keep healthcare professionals occupied and the same goes in the case of clothing.

The Details

Our scrubs are made out of the finest quality blends of cotton and polyester with the credibility of Sapphire and design details that are purposeful, innovative, functional, breathable, and stylish to wear at the same time.

The detailed design of our scrubs makes them different and unique by checking all the boxes that are essential to keep healthcare professionals occupied. The key features in the scrub tops include Chest Pocket, Pen Holder Loop, Two Functional Pockets, Mobile Pocket, and Key Holder Loop. In the same way, trousers come with Elasticated Waist Band, Drawstring inside Waist Band, Top Cross Pockets on Both Sides, Two Thigh Pockets, and a Key Holder Loop.

All these scrubs are available in different colors and sizes. Choosing a different color for different departments could give patients an easy to identify the relevant person quickly.

Identification through Customization

 At Frontline we care about your brand identity and for that purpose the option of customization is available. Those companies who want to add their logos or company names on their personalized uniforms can do so by choosing the customization option and build their brand and give their employees a sense of ownership. You can create your own personalized scrub by choosing the desired color and required details just by visiting the customization page or calling us at: Contact# ********

If you are looking for the finest quality healthcare uniforms near you, just visit our website

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